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When we mobilize, we demonstrate our strength and unity. It is through our solidarity actions that we can put the pressure on during negotiations and achieve results. Every action, by every member, will have a direct impact at the bargaining table. Be sure to be part of our strength and to bring all your colleagues with you! Remember – YOU ARE THE UNION!

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Our collective agreements, also known as collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), are available to be viewed and/or downloaded. Contact us if you would like to request for a printed version.

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The nomination period to fill four Board positions, for 2-year terms, is now open until October 3, 2023.

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Latest News

City of Edmonton Bargaining Survey - Fall 2023

Posted on 9/21/2023
(CITY MEMBER ACCESS ONLY) Survey for City of Edmonton members to complete by October 9, 2023.

Board Meeting Minutes

Posted on 9/21/2023
(MEMBER ACCESS ONLY) Added: September 12 Summary of Motions for membership review until October 15; August 8 Minutes

General Meeting Minutes

Posted on 9/19/2023
(MEMBER ACCESS ONLY) Added Agendas: October 3, 2023 General Meeting

CECU Response to Projected Deficit

Posted on 9/19/2023
On September 13, City Council heard that the City of Edmonton projects a $73.8 million deficit at the end of the year. As you strive to address this, two of our unions are currently bargaining while two others have agreements that expire...

City of Edmonton Bargaining Update

Posted on 9/18/2023
WAGE ROLLBACKS - We are urgently asking all City members to attend the September 21st City of Edmonton Unit Meeting, on Zoom or in person at the CSU 52 Office!

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