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Two new FAQs added on 3/1/2024:

"What if I am unable to access my work email to vote on the COE's Proposal Vote March 4-7?"

"If we go on strike, will we still have benefits?"

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This page, restricted to member-login only, lists common questions and answers the Union Office has received prior to and during City and EPL Emergency Bargaining Meetings.

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Latest News

City of Edmonton Bargaining Update

Posted on 3/1/2024
(MEMBER ACCESS ONLY) This communication is meant to address some of the issues that came up at the Feb. 29 meetings and the email sent by Acting People Officer Cyndil Taylor.

Strike and Lockout FAQs

Posted on 3/1/2024
Added: "What if I am unable to access my work email to vote on the COE's Proposal Vote March 4-7?" and "If we go on strike, will we still have benefits?"

Recording: COE Emergency Bargaining Meeting - February 29, 2024

Posted on 3/1/2024
(MEMBER ACCESS ONLY) Zoom recording of the February 29, 2024, 6:00 PM Session, City of Edmonton Emergency Bargaining Meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes

Posted on 2/29/2024
(MEMBER ACCESS ONLY) Added: January 2 Meeting Minutes; February 22 Summary of Motions for membership review until March 30

CSU 52 Statement in Response to COE's Media Release

Posted on 2/28/2024
CSU 52 members were well aware of the City’s final offer before they gave the union a 91% mandate to strike. Although we are disappointed with the Alberta Labour Board’s result, we respect the decision to move forward with the Proposal Vote...

TWOSE MOA Ratification Vote Results

Posted on 2/28/2024
Thank you to all TWOSE members who participated in the ratification vote on the proposed Memorandum of Agreement. The majority of voters voted YES to accept the MOA.

City of Edmonton Proposal Vote Information

Posted on 2/27/2024
The COE's proposal vote has been approved by the ALRB • CSU 52 COE members will have the opportunity to vote on the COE’s offer March 4-7, 2024 • Don’t give up now! We encourage you to vote 'NO' for the COE’s offer

City of Edmonton Collective Agreement

Posted on 2/27/2024
Newly signed Letter of Understanding added: DATS Employees Working During Any Strike or Lockout (signed 2/6/2024)

EPL/COE Bargaining Updates & Emergency Meetings

Posted on 2/26/2024
Our COE and EPL bargaining teams met on February 25 to discuss the current delayed decision from the ALRB on the COE's request to conduct a proposal vote, and all the possible scenarios that can happen once we receive that decision.

TWOSE MOA Ratification Vote

Posted on 2/20/2024
A Memorandum of Agreement between TWOSE and CSU 52 has been reached. The MOA requires ratification by both the Employer and the Union and will form the new Collective Agreement.

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