Request for Union Leave

Leave with Pay vs. Leave without Pay

All CSU 52 Collective Agreements, between the Union and each of the five Bargaining Units, include language regarding ‘Leave with Pay’ and ‘Leave without Pay’ for employees/members:

Leave with Pay (Employer paid)

Leave without Pay (Union paid)

In the event that employees are elected to the Negotiations Committee for the Union, they shall be granted leave, at their regular rate of pay, for the purpose of attending joint collective bargaining, conciliation or mediation meetings in the establishment of a new Collective Agreement (“at-the-table meetings”).

Leave of absence with pay shall be for those hours the employee normally would have worked had they not been required to meet with the employer.

Employees elected as representatives/delegates of the Union (to attend conventions, seminars or training sessions) or as members of the Negotiations Committee (“negotiations prep meetings”) shall be granted leave without pay upon request by the Union.

Although considered a ‘Leave without Pay’, the employee is still paid at their regular rate of pay by the Union.

  Leave Letter method

  Wage Replacement method

  Leave Letter method

  Wage Replacement method

Leave Letter vs. Wage Replacement

Leave Letter Requests

  • Upon approval, the Union will send a letter to the employer and payroll department on behalf of the employee for the requested dates and times of Union Leave
  • For 'Leave without Pay (Union paid)', the employee will continue to be paid by the employer (the employer then bills the Union for reimbursement)

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Wage Replacement Requests

  • The onus is on the employee to appropriately request time off from their employer, using their own time (i.e. vacation or banked time)
  • The Union may contact the payroll department for the purposes of confirming the employee’s regular rate of pay, but the Union will not make the request to the employer for the employee’s time off
  • Upon approval of the Wage Replacement Form, the Union will issue a cheque at the employee’s regular rate of pay only for the hours the employee/member would have worked during the union-related event (employee is paid by the Union directly)

Instructions to request Wage Replacement:

  1. Compose an email to Doreen Gates at [email protected] with the subject: Wage Replacement Request
  2. Copy and paste the below text into the email body
  3. Provide the required details by typing over/replacing the blank lines "            "
  4. Send the email
First and Last Name:            
Bargaining Unit:            
Employee Number:            
Branch and/or Section:            
Email Address (if different from the address you're sending from:            
Phone Number:            

Your scheduled work/EDO time, start to end:            
Union leave time, start to end (if applicable, include up to 30 min. travel time that is within your scheduled work time):            
What is the leave for?:            
Total Hours Being Claimed (exclude an unpaid breaks i.e. lunch):            

Your current hourly wage/rate of salary (dollars per hour):            

Any additional comments you would like to provide?