City of Edmonton

Collective Agreement

DURATION: 12/23/2018 to 12/19/2020

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Letters of Understanding

LOUs signed after the ratification of the 2018-2020 Collective Agreement (including older LOUs that are still considered relevant and have been kept accessible with this Collective Agreement):

Date signed Name Location in CBA (PDF page #)
11/21/2018 2018 - Transition of Out-of-Scope and Management Positions -
9/25/2020 Extension to 1/31/2021 - COVID-19: Temporary Layoff Provisions Page 151
10/23/2020 Workforce Transition Program (Voluntary Retirement or Voluntary Resignation) Page 157
10/29/2020 The Enterprise Systems Transformation Program (ESTP) Page 160
1/7/2021 Extension to 4/30/2021 - COVID-19: Temporary Layoff Provisions Page 162
2/17/2021 Operations and Intelligence Command Centre (OICC) employees - 12 Hour Shifts Page 168

Wage Schedules

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