Edmonton Public Library Negotiations Survey

Posted on 4/26/2022

Attention CSU 52 Members of the Edmonton Public Library:

As we prepare for negotiations, we require YOUR input. In addition to, and as a result of the information sessions that we held, we have a focused survey that we request you to complete. The survey is smartphone compatible and consists of 16 questions; it should take no more than 5-8 minutes to complete.

This is Collective Bargaining, and as such we need to hear from you, the members. The more members that complete the survey, the more representative our negotiations will be. The survey will enable us to enter the negotiation process well informed, with a strong understanding of what is important to our members.

The survey must be done on your own time, before or after work, or while on a scheduled work break; do NOT complete the survey during work time.  

 If you wish to review the Collective Agreement prior to completing the survey, please see the CBA page.

Accessing the Survey

Before you use the below link, which will direct you to the survey page, you must have an existing CSU 52 web account to be able to sign in (i.e. only Edmonton Public Library members with a CSU 52 web account can access the survey page). If you need activate your account, see the below "Setting Up Your CSU 52 Web Account" section.

You'll have until 11:45 p.m. MDT of Monday, May 2, 2022 to complete the survey. After this time, the survey will be disabled.

If you exit the survey without completing/submitting it, you will lose your answers and will need to restart the survey.

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Setting Up Your CSU 52 Web Account

Go to the Sign In page for more information.