Red Shirt Campaign

Updated on 1/20/2024

When was the last time you had a raise?

Are you having trouble making ends meet?

When we mobilize, we demonstrate our strength and unity. It is through our solidarity actions that we can put the pressure on during negotiations and achieve results. Every action, by every member, will have a direct impact at the bargaining table. Be sure to be part of our strength and to bring all your colleagues with you!! Remember – YOU ARE THE UNION!

By signing the NO ZEROS petition, you are saying I will only accept a contract with wage increases every year and will stand in solidarity with my bargaining team! The goal is to reach a super-majority of 3,000 or more signatures.

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Best Practices - Writing City Councillors and/or Mayor

It’s time for Edmonton City Council to hear from members directly about the rising cost of living. To make the most impact, we encourage you to follow these best practices when writing to your City Councillor or Mayor.

1. Personalize Your Message

  • Start by visiting and clicking on the "Show your support" button on the front page.
  • This will take you to an online form with pre-written messaging. While the form provides a good starting point, take the time to personalize it with your own words and experiences.

2. Identify Your Ward (Edmonton Residents)

  • If you live in the City of Edmonton, specify that you are a resident in your City Councillor's ward.
  • To find who your Councillor is, go to
  • Include the name of your neighbourhood to establish a personal connection with your representative.

3. Non-Edmonton Residents

  • If you do not live within the city of Edmonton, you can still write to the Mayor.

4. Avoid Bargaining Talk

  • While it's essential to express your concerns, avoid directly bringing up bargaining in your initial message.
  • Instead, focus on the impact of rising living costs and the challenges faced by City Workers. For example, you can say, "City Workers like myself are struggling with the rising cost of living, and haven't had a raise since 2018."

5. Encourage Meetings

  • Writing a letter is just the first step. If you want to take your advocacy to the next level, consider requesting a meeting with your City Councillor.
  • CSU 52 is here to support you in setting up these meetings. Please reach out to Farid Iskandar at [email protected] if you're interested in scheduling a meeting with your City Councillor.

Your engagement as a CSU 52 member can make a significant difference in shaping the future of Edmonton and improving the working conditions of City Workers. We encourage you to be proactive, express your concerns to create positive change.

Other Acts of Solidarity

Today, 58% of the membership are card-carrying members in Good Standing. We need to get to 100% to show the bosses that you stand united.

Do we have your non-work email address? Have you activated your web account yet? Follow the instructions on the Sign In/Sign Up page to activate.
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Show your solidarity on days of bargaining by wearing red, wearing a button, and using a virtual avatar! Don't forget to support your fellow CSU 52 members in the other bargaining units, too.

Upcoming Bargaining Dates

City of Edmonton Edmonton Public Library TELUS World of Science - Edmonton

To be determined

To be determined

Ratification vote coming soon


Throughout the bargaining process, we'll ask members to wear the button. You can ask your Shop Steward or your Red Shirt Captain on where to get yours!

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Virtual Avatars

Download a virtual avatar for your online profiles. Avatars are an easy way to show your solidarity when working remotely.

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CSU 52 has three social media accounts:

Let's start getting connected with each other:

  • Include these hashtags in your posts:
    • #RedShirts
    • #WeAreCSU52
    • #Solidarity
    • #NoZeros
  • Engage with, share, and like our posts

Call to Action

  • Tag CSU 52 accounts
  • Share what an improved collective bargaining agreement would mean for you - examples:
    • "An improved schedule would mean I can spend more time with my dog."
    • "Getting a wage increase would mean I could keep my kids in swimming lessons."


Brandi Thorne

Member Engager & Union Organizer
Civic Service Union 52
 Email: [email protected]

Farid Iskandar

Union Organizer & Educator
Civic Service Union 52
 Email: [email protected]