Board Elections

Election Officers

Nominations for one (1) Assistant Returning Officer and two (2) Union Scrutineers were accepted at the June 4, 2024 General Membership Meeting.

2024 Election Officers:

  • Returning Officer (appointed by the Assistant Returning Officer)
  • Assistant Returning Officer
    Karen Haromy
  • Union Scrutineers
    Darlene Woodham

Online Voting

CSU 52 Board Elections are conducted through SmartBallot.

Positions Available for Nominations

The following positions will be available for nomination during the 2024 election cycle. All positions are for 2-year terms (January 1, 2025 to December 31, 2026):

  • President
  • Second Vice-President/Secretary of the Board
  • Chief Trustee
  • 1Chief Shop Steward
  • Contractual Unit Director, Capital Power
  • Contractual Unit Director, Edmonton Public Library
  • Contractual Unit Director, EPCOR

1 The Chief Shop Steward position is nominated/elected by the Shop Steward Assembly only.

Each Contractual Unit Director position is nominated/elected only by the members of the Contractual Unit in question.

Nominations Deadline

October 1, 2024 General Membership Meeting

The nomination process will begin in August 2024.