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Proposed Amendments 2024

CSU 52 Constitution & Bylaws

Posted on 3/22/2024

Proposed Amendments by the Board of Directors

1.   Bylaws Article 1.02 Collection

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, I move that we amend Article 1.02 Collection to read as follows:"

1.02 Collection

The dues for all members, except Honorary Members, shall be the amount as passed by the Membership at the time the Union budget is approved October General Meeting and shall be collected bi-weekly through the “Rand” system of check-off for Union dues.

There are no dues for Honorary Members.


The Budget is presented to the membership for information at the January meeting.

Changes to Dues require membership approval, and will be done annually in October in accordance with Policy G-2

2.  CSU 52 Constitution and Bylaws (as a whole)

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, I move that these governing documents be permitted to be amended in whole or in part at a time specific in 2024 upon minimum 30 days notice to the membership, and the prior conduction of information meetings on the pending changes to the Bylaws."


CSU 52 is undertaking a review of our Constitution, Bylaws and Benevolent Society Bylaws with professional support. The result would be the combining of the Constitution and CSU 52 Bylaws into one document, which would be streamlined and organized to improve use and understanding. The Benevolent Society Bylaws will be amended to ensure conformity to the new CSU 52 Bylaws.

The time to carry this out, and provide members with time to review and ask questions about the new bylaws document(s) will require a special amendment outside of the existing timeline in our Bylaws of the April General Meeting.

Proposed Amendment by Member, Lanny Chudyk

CSU 52 Constitution Article 8.01 (b)

"Notice of motion to delete Constitution Article 8, Terms of Office - 8.01 (b)"

8.01 Terms of Office

. . .

(b) After two (2) consecutive terms in office, Director(s) may not be re-elected to the same position until they have one (1) full term break in service. If there are no other nominees for the position, the Director may be re-elected by acclamation according to Bylaws Article 5.02(e), providing that the timed-out incumbent Director has submitted completed nomination papers according to Bylaws Article 5.02(a)(ii). This clause does not exclude Directors from running for a different position on the Board of Directors from the one they currently hold.

If the timed-out incumbent Director does not put their nomination forward at the October General Meeting, according to bylaw requirements, and no other member(s) put their name forward at the October General Meeting, then the position will be declared vacant and filled according to Constitution Article 8.03.

(c) (b) Committee Members elected or appointed shall assume the duties of office on the second Tuesday of January of each year.

Withdrawn - Notice of Motion by Member, Lanny Chudyk

Member withdraws motion to remove:

  • Constitution Article 5.01 (e) Chief Trustee
  • Bylaws Article 2.06 Chief Trustee

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