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Proposed Amendments 2024

Union 52 Benevolent Society Bylaws

Posted on 3/22/2024

Proposed Amendments by the Board of Directors

1.   Benevolent Society Schedule 1

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, I move that we amend Schedule 1 – MEMBERS & COMMUNITY SUPPORT COMMITTEE 4. MEMBERS & TERMS OF OFFICE to read as follows:"

4. Members & Terms of Office

The Members & Community Support Committee shall consist of the CSU 52 Treasurer and six (6) members elected by the Union membership at the January General Meeting for a two (2) year term. Three (3) members shall be elected in even years and three (3) members in odd years. Elected terms are three (3) years in length, with the committee year starting February 1 and ending on January 31.

Two (2) members shall be elected every year.

Vacancies shall be filled at the request of the Committee by election at a General Meeting.


This change was recommended by the committee to ensure committee history and best practices are retained. A three-year term with 2 new members elected every year will ensure there is a mix of new, intermediate & experienced mentors supporting the members at all times.

Also, changing the committee term from February 1 to January 31 will ensure there is no “gap” in assistance. As it is currently set up, members are elected in early January and meet in the last week of the month to determine who is the chair and who will handle support requests. Assistance requests come in 12 months of the year, and they cannot be deferred.

This change will not affect honorariums or accounting processes as the M&CS committee is not a paid committee.

2.   Union 52 Benevolent Society Bylaws (as a whole)

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, I move that these governing documents be permitted to be amended in whole or in part at a time specific in 2024 upon minimum 30 days notice to the membership, and the prior conduction of information meetings on the pending changes to the Bylaws."


CSU 52 is undertaking a review of our Constitution, Bylaws and Benevolent Society Bylaws with professional support. The result would be the combining of the Constitution and CSU 52 Bylaws into one document, which would be streamlined and organized to improve use and understanding. The Benevolent Society Bylaws will be amended to ensure conformity to the new CSU 52 Bylaws.

The time to carry this out, and provide members with time to review and ask questions about the new bylaws document(s) will require a special amendment outside of the existing timeline in our Bylaws of the April General Meeting.

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