President's Message

March 8, 2024

Dear CSU 52 Members,

Our collective voice has been heard loud and clear: the proposal vote has resulted in a decisive NO to the City of Edmonton's best and final offer with 87.6% of voters choosing not to accept their offer. This strong stand demonstrates the profound disconnect between our employer and us, the employees.

For half a decade, you've been pushed to do more with increasingly less. Despite the city's growth and the financial shifts to accommodate council's changing priorities, you've faced constant demands without just compensation. This ends now.

The City has been presented with a proposal that is modest compared to the cost-of-living and inflationary hikes over the past five years. It's a proposal that attempts to respect our members' needs while respecting the taxpayers. While we know we have a long way to go, what you have accomplished is going to change the dynamics for bargaining going forward.

The ball is now in the City of Edmonton's court. They are fully aware of the steps necessary to resolve these negotiations positively and avoid a strike and all the impacts it would have on Edmontonians. We all expect a change in mandate from City Council - one that ensures fairness and equity.

While we hope for a constructive reply, we are prepared to continue our dialogue, staying available to engage further over the weekend. Our path ahead will be determined by the City's readiness to reconsider its position and pursue an agreement that genuinely addresses the well-being and fair treatment of its workforce.

Your steadfastness and unity have been our strength. Thank you for standing firm in our quest for justice and respect. More details will be shared Monday.

In solidarity,

Lanny Chudyk
President, CSU 52