President's Message

December 5, 2023
(as reported at the 12/5/2023 General Membership Meeting)

Your bargaining team met for the first day of mediation with the City of Edmonton’s bargaining team. All I can relate at this time is it was a long, largely unproductive day. We will be back at the mediation table again tomorrow with December 13th also scheduled if needed. We will update our membership as soon as we have something substantive to report, so stay tuned and check the Union website regularly.

We will be posting a budget for 2024 on our members-only website, this budget will be presented at our January General Membership Meeting for questions and discussion.

I would also like to announce that CSU 52 has been asked to serve as the Union representative on the Provincial Government’s Occupational Health and Safety Strategic Steering Committee. The appointment is for a two-year term as the representative for organized labour in the province, beginning January 2024.

I would also like to remind members to check our website on a regular basis, particularly to check and review Executive Board meeting minutes. It is your Union and it is extremely important that you keep very informed as to what is happening on a day-to-day basis. Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful time over the holiday season.

Lanny Chudyk