President's Message

President's Report from the 10/4/2022 General Membership Meeting

Good evening,

I have a number of things I would like to touch on this evening.

I would like to mention the complaint regarding Bill 32 that a CSU 52 member has filed with the Alberta Labour Relations Board against CSU 52 regarding the Member’s Student Bursary. CSU 52, with legal advice, feel this bursary definitely falls into the category of core spending as described in the Bill 32 regulations. We have referred the complaint to our legal counsel to deal with and, if successful in defending our position at the Labour Relations Board hearing, will ask that our legal fees be reimbursed by the complainant. It should also be noted that CSU 52 and our legal team at Chivers Carpenter Lawyers are in the process of filing a constitutional challenge against the Bill itself.

The Jurisdiction review regarding out-of-scope positions at the City of Edmonton is finally moving along at a decent pace. EPS, Citizen Services, and Communications are well along. We are setting dates to start the review in the other City departments.

Bargaining has actively begun at the City of Edmonton; proposals have been exchanged and dates set towards the end of October. The teams at Edmonton Public Library have had their initial meeting and will exchange proposals next week.

We are set to resume mediation with EPCOR on October 21, 2022, with the hope that we can reach agreement to bring forth a proposal for the membership to review and vote on, fingers crossed.

Capital Power is well along with a date to be set shortly. I am very hopeful that we can bring something to that membership very soon.

We are just beginning the process of forming a bargaining team at TELUS World of Science and will be giving notice to commence bargaining shortly. The TELUS World of Science recent opening of The Artic Journey and the Health Zone was a wonderful event and I encourage everyone to try and visit the site, as it is well worthwhile.

The December General Membership Meeting will be at the Norwood Legion with a full Christmas dinner being served to all who attend. We will also try and have the meeting online virtually for those unable to attend in person.

Thank you,
Lanny Chudyk