COE & EPL Bargaining Update

Posted on 3/14/2024

We want to take the time to apologize to members on the confusion that was caused by the joint statement issued by the Employers this morning regarding the strike notice extension. We made the decision to do a joint communication through the Employer’s email to reach all members quickly, even those for whom we don’t have email addresses. We now recognize that this was not the most effective way to reach our members.

City of Edmonton

We can now share that the Union and the City met last night to continue bargaining, which has now resulted in a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that we will be presenting to our members for ratification. We will be sharing the details of the MOA and dates for information sessions/ratification vote, which we expect to happen next week.

A MOA means that our strike notice has now ended. Do not take any illegal strike action or we will face fines and/or discipline. Please note that we still maintain the right to serve strike notice in the future, up to 120 days from the date of the vote results, should ratification of the MOA fail. However, we will be recommending acceptance of the MOA.

Edmonton Public Library

For EPL members, we will be meeting with EPL this afternoon to continue bargaining. More news to follow.