Anti-Racism & Anti-Discrimination Survey

Posted 6/16/2022
Updated 8/4/2022

In January 2022, CSU 52 established the Anti-Racism & Anti-Discrimination Committee (ARAD-C) consisting of seven members representing all bargaining units. The Committee’s creation is based on our collective ongoing commitment to support minority / BIPOC members in the assurance of fair and equitable treatment in the workplace.

Initiated, in part, by the 2018-2019 media exposé concerning harassment at the City of Edmonton, members have requested collective support to deal with racism and discrimination in the workplace. CSU 52 has historically taken a strong position on racism and discrimination by negotiating with employers from their bargaining units, offering workshops for members, hosting a round-table event on harassment in the workplace and speaking publicly about injustice in the workplace.

The Committee’s major goals include:

  • encourage and promote anti-racism
  • equity and inclusion
  • identify issues and challenges experienced by minority members
  • provide support to members experiencing racism and discrimination
  • build awareness of challenges and issues faced by minority members
  • increase participation of minority members

The Committee recognizes that we must be vigilant and steadfast to address racism and discrimination in the workplace. ARAD-C hopes to be the bridge for members experiencing racism and discrimination and to provide resources, support and information.

The Anti-Racism & Anti-Discrimination Committee seek your involvement and ask you to complete a brief 3-question survey.

Thank You

You'll have until 11:45 p.m. MDT of Friday, August 19, 2022 to complete the survey. After this time, the survey will be disabled.

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