Summer Photo Contest Photos

Posted 7/15/2022
Updated 8/10/2022

Check out these awesome photos that members have so far entered into the Summer Photo Contest!

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"Having moved recently from Nova Scotia, this was my first time in the mountains. Peyta Lake was breath taking"

Leigha D.

"it reminds me of a beautiful day spent with loved ones."

Amy S.

"Beautiful view in Moraine Lake in Banff."

Xu X.

"Sunrise in Maui - this is one of my favourite because I love how I was able to capture the sunrise colours in the background and the ocean, rocks and trees surrounding it while the sun is trying to peek through in one shot."

"Sunrise in Oahu - footprints in the sand, sun starting to rise and the reflections in the water from the sun just makes getting up in the wee hours of the morning to shoot this picture all worth it."

"Blue skies, coconut trees, ocean breeze and first vacation outside of Canada since COVID."

"Sunset on Waikiki Beach - sat on the beach after the sun set collecting my thoughts and was rewarded with this pretty colour."

"Sunset in Maui - the start of a beautiful sunset on a beautiful night surrounded by the ocean, gorgeous tropical flowers and plants."

Doreen W.

"I have always loved Japan and cities and when I was able to travel to Tokyo, I made sure to stop at Shibuya Crossing to take a night photo of the famous lights and crowds. I really liked how this photo turned out, showing people moving about while the lights shine above.It was difficult to take this photo, as I did not have a tripod with me and had to hold very still to avoid blurring the photo (which is easy to do in low-light conditions)."

"On the same Japan trip when I visited Tokyo, I also visited Kyoto and its famous Shinto shrines, one of which was Fushimi Inari-taisha and its many torii gates. As it was mid-summer, the heat was fierce during the day so I had to get there very early in the morning to beat the heat. I took this photo of the gates that seemningly go on forever and considering it was very early in the morning, there was no one else to be seen at the shrine."

"Back in Edmonton this past December, I was at the new Tawatina Bridge with my dog Miyagi the morning it officially opened to the public. It snowed overnight and I did notice human footprints, however I saw no dog prints. I figure that Miyagi was the first dog ever on the new bridge, which made this photo even more significant! I really like the way he aligns with the bridge's center while the Indigenous artwork parallels him above."

"I visited Myanmar back in 2017 during a time of relative peace and my first stop was the former capital, Yangon. This photo was taken there at sunset in the downtown area, with their City Hall to the right and the famous Sule Pagoda glowing in the background. The colour of the sky was very intriguing and I have yet to see a similar coloured sunset since then. I also really like how the photo captured two of some of the most famous landmarks in Yangon in one shot."

"This photo of the Walterdale Bridge and Downtown was taken in August 2020, when the hill to the south of the bridge was starting to become a popular spot to watch the sun set. I used my iPhone's panorama feature to take a sweeping photo that included the sun setting behind the High Level Bridge, Walterdale Bridge, Downtown as well as the hill and people sitting on it. The light cast by the setting sun created a golden glow across the hillside, which contrasts nicely with the clear blue sky above. This photo truly reminds me of the summer of 2020, when COVID cases were minimal, people were living relatively carefree yet oblivious to what lay ahead in the future."

Harrison S.

"great street performer in telus of world of science"

"Fort edmonton park"

"Fort edmonton park castle"

"Downtown hotel"

"Downtown great again"

Feng L.

"I love this photo for the colours, the mountains, and the clouds. It was just a perfect unexpected moment at the end of a great trip."

Cassandra N.

"My kids enjoying summer with the slipnslide!"

Jolanta A.

"I love to take these kind of pictures to show how beautiful mother nature is. Took them during my last trip to Waterton and one from the last storm we had in Edmonton."

Maryela C.A.

"Stunning artwork by Alberta artists. These artworks are featured in centre court at the Muttart Conservatory. The stunning glass sculpture is by local artist, Keith Walker. The mural called “Circle of Life” is by Alex Janvier, internationally acclaimed Alberta indigenous artist."

Debbie M.

"This is a photo of my wife and 2 sons in front of Slave Lake after they played 2 baseball games. I help coach their team and we are very proud parents. This was just a peaceful summer evening by Alberta's biggest lake. I've lived in Alberta almost my whole life and this is the first time I went to Slave Lake - so glad to share it with my family."

Jared C.

"The beauty of Moraine Lake is unreal. Surrounded by the mountains and turquoise water in the lake from melting glaciers makes it more beautiful. Nature is the perfect place to disconnect from our daily stress and reconnect with ourselves and Moriane lake is the perfect place to do this. You can climb up the rock pile or take a hike, or take one of the different color boats or just simply sit down by the shore. The Moraine lake also reminds me how much Canadian Landscape and mother earth has offered us and we should do our best to preserve and pass it to our next generations."

"Sunset at the Lake Louise. Lake Louise is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist location in Canada. The nearby mountains and turquoise water makes it very beautiful. Every Canadian should try to visit this lake once in their lifetime. The Lake Louise reminds me how much Canadian Landscape and mother earth has offered us and we should do our best to preserve and pass it to our next generations."

Surjit K.

"The hard work and effort to make our back yard worth vacationing in."

"The fun of coming together to sing, dance and appreciate one another with the performance of perfection."

"Appreciating the architecture of years gone by."

"The beauty of history in Lyon, France."

"They always have time to make me feel better."

Darren D.

"This was taken during a recent trip to tofino and these starfish were everywhere we went, theyre such beautiful creatures."

"This is our oldest dog showing our puppy the ropes on exploring the canyons near nordegg"

"This was taken on a hike near ucluelet and it just seems super fairtytale like"

"We caught the 6 am ferry from victoria to vancouver and this was the sunrise"

"During another hike in ucluelet we stumbled on this beach and had it all to ourselves"

Alisha P.

"I love this photo because it was one of the first nice days out that we got to enjoy on our deck with my favourite girl, Pixie the Goldendoodle and some friends."

"At UFest Edmonton Ukrainian Festival 2022"

"Very common traffic jam in Alberta 😉"

"Jasper, Alberta summer exploring 2022"

"Two dogs peaking out of the truck window on Alberta highways 2022"

Nadiya M.

"Harold the cat – his dating app picture"

"Harold the cat - laughing at life"


Melanie H.

"The place where I got engaged 🤍"

"The pond by our new house 🏡"

"One of my favorite places in Edmonton to bring visitors 🌸"

"Little bit of east coast in my Alberta garden"

"First helicopter over the mountains 🏔"

Jessica D.

"Our amazing, handsome, smart, goofy puppy “Hemmer”.

"Loves his family and is very protective.

"Enjoys steak and chicken , treat’s, balls, walking and is super happy when he is sprayed with the garden hose."

Maria P.

"This Summer I took my girls to Vancouver Island for a quick vacation and along the way we stopped and camped at Sasquatch Provincial Park in BC. These are a couple of pictures kayaking on the lake at 7am. It was so peaceful.

"In the pic is my daughter Teagan who is 15 years old. She is severely disabled. I purchased a double kayak and she is riding in front of me.

"I highly recommend this Park to everyone!"

Barb G.

"Sea gull flight captures the spirit of summer in all of us beautifully. @Upper Waterton Lake"

"This is a perfect picture to showcase how something can look so shallow at first glance and yet be so layered and deep. @Upper Waterton lake"

"Beautiful panoramic horizon at Upper Waterton lake! Visiting Waterton is always an enriching experience for me."

"The sense of accomplishment gets even deeper when greeted with such breathtaking views at the top of the Bear's Hump hike. @Waterton"

Maddy T.

"Grossglockner Austria at 3798m. The Austrian Alps pretty cool. An Awesome getaway."

"Gone Fishing, Spring Lake Alberta. Where our cabin is a place to unwind and forget about living in the City."

"My little rock star Reece. She brings me peace."

"Photo taken in Bedeque PEI. The power and the beauty."

"Peace and Tranquility, Spring Lake Alberta."

James S.

"Hot summer day at the off leash park!"

Mike S.

"Taken close to midnight in Vesterålen, Norway while hiking the Steiroheia trail, the midnight sun hid behind the mountains, casting the sky in an eerie golden light. The mountains are silhouetted, against the dim reflection of the ocean. I was glad to have captured this special moment and unique landscape, despite the fatigue of hiking at night."

"Every year during the Great Wildebeest Migration, the herd queues along the bank of the dangerous Mara River bordering Kenya and Tanzania. The wildebeest amass and wait for the right moment when one brave hero will make the first dash across the river, at which point the rest join the crossing. After days waiting for the wildebeest and a few false starts, I was able to witness this amazing spectacle."

"It is not often that on a sunny clear day in the mountains, there is no breeze at all, and the glacial lakes become a perfect mirror. This was taken at Herbert Lake in Banff National Park."

"As I made my way along a 26 km hike, I came to rest at the Giant Steps in Banff National Park after getting my feet wet crossing a bog. I was glad I had carried a tripod all that way, taking some photos of the beautiful waterfall flowing down these blocky square shaped rocks."

"The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet is lit against the backdrop of the Himalayan Mountains, showing off the grandeur of this historic site."

Janna F.

"Nothing better than sitting at a campfire under a clear sky while on vacation. In this time exposure, one can see the rotation of the earth when looking into the northern sky. Polaris (North Star) is in the center of the circle."

"While travelling the back roads near Cadomin, AB., I located this Bighorn Sheep. The ram watched me with intensity. Such a beautiful creature."

"Sunsets in summer are always a great way to end the day. The colours and reflections are always something that I look for. This shot was taken on the Sturgeon River near St. Albert."

"Located in William Switzer Provincial Park near Hinton, Kelly's Bathtub is a must stop when travelling in this area. The peacefulness is clearly evident by the reflections in the water. All stress disappears when looking at this image."

"Majestic Elk grazing grass in Jasper National Park. This big fellow was enjoying his lunch and had no concerns with being photographed. The tranquility of mother natures' work."

Steve P.

"The sunset was beautiful and reminds me of summer days hot enough to swim when it’s getting dark."

Jenn M.