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Posted August 19, 2020
Updated September 2, 2020

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SPARK The Energy Credit Union is a member-owned financial services institution proudly serving the banking needs of hard-working Albertans for over 65 years.


SPARK is pleased to extend the following special offers to members of CSU 52:

ProductPosted RateCSU 52 Exclusive RateCSU 52 Member Savings
SPARK 5 Year Fixed Term Mortgage2.99%


SPARK Home Equity Powerline of Credit (HELOC)Prime + 1%
Prime + 0%*1%*
SPARK Consumer Powerline of Credit (LOC)As low as Prime + 4% *
(As low as 6.45%*)
As low as Prime + 3%*
(as low as 5.45%*)

Lock in these special rates, or learn more about the offers by visiting:

* Some restrictions may apply. Please visit SPARK’s offer landing pages for Terms and Conditions.


Contact SPARK at for inquiries.

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