President’s Report | September 29, 2015

I would like to begin my report by congratulating and thanking our membership for their decision to move forward and authorize the purchase as recommended by our Executive Board of a new office building for CSU 52. The new office building is located at 10212 – 112 Street, currently occupied by the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA). CSU expects to move into our new home in early January 2016. The building consists of three floors, one of which we expect to lease out. The building includes a staff/kitchen area, multiple meeting and conference rooms and an office intensive layout. It is fully accessible with an elevator and an abundance of parking. It was important for CSU 52 to be able to acquire this location as we had outgrown our current building. In order to remain at our current location we would have needed to do a complete renovation of the building which would have been very costly and still may have left us short of space if we needed to add staff from current levels. Also parking has become a significant issue where we currently are, mainly due to multi- family complexes that are going up in the area. Our current office at 11305 – 95 Street has been listed for sale and interest has been expressed by a number of perspective buyers.I also need to mention that a motion to increase union dues was brought forward at the September General Meeting. That motion which called for a flat rate increase of $2.00 per member per pay period was carried. This is the first dues increase in CSU 52 in a number of years. CSU 52’s dues are among the lowest, if not the lowest, in Canada. The motion for the flat rate increase was so that we can assure our membership that the monies needed to finance the purchase of our new offices will not impact how we represent our membership. I would also like to mention that as we move into the future, the area of labour relations is becoming much more complex and difficult to deal with. Collective bargaining agreement interpretations, particularly regarding issues involving mental health and the duty of the employer to accommodate, require a great deal more time and effort which of course affects staffing and budgets. Through these changing circumstances your union, CSU 52, is committed to continuing to represent you in a highly professional and timely manner.

I would also like to remind you that the Constitution and Bylaws changes that our membership committed to and approved last April continue at our October General Meeting. A number of housekeeping motions will be brought forward by our Constitution & Bylaws Committee for your approval. These motions are necessary in order to deal with inconsistencies in the Constitution and Bylaws that resulted from the changes of last April. There will also be some new motions that are being presented by the Executive Board of CSU 52 that are follow-ups of the original changes from last April. As you may recall, the Executive Board of CSU 52 had indicated that if the motion of last April were successful they would necessarily result in further motions coming forward this October.  Please read the minutes from September and make yourself as familiar as possible with the proposed changes.

Please note that nominations for Executive Board positions will be held at the October General Meeting, those nominations will be governed by the current Constitution and Bylaws rules. This means that in order to qualify for nomination you must have attended 4 out of the last 6 General Membership Meetings excluding the October meeting. Also, if you are contemplating a nomination for a Contractual Unit Director position, your nominator must also come from that unit.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at our October 6th General Membership Meeting.


Lanny Chudyk