OHS Regulations Consultation

Posted March 26, 2018

Albertans have the opportunity to provide written submissions to help government devise the new regulations.

The deadline for submissions is April 6, 2018.

The new OHS Act, which takes effect June 1, 2018, defines workplace harassment and violence in all its forms, including sexual and domestic violence. The act requires employers and supervisors to ensure workers are not subject to nor participate in harassment and violence and to investigate incidents.

The act protects workers from reprisals and loss of wages while incidents are investigated. It also makes joint work site health and safety committees mandatory for larger employers (20+ workers) while smaller employers (5-19 workers) are required to have a worker health and safety representative.

New regulations are needed for the workplace harassment and violence provisions, the training requirements and operations of the health and safety committees.

Workers benefit from safe, fair and healthy workplaces that are respectful and free from harassment and violence.

A strong health and safety culture supports business and a strong economy by increasing worker morale and productivity.

Albertans get to have a say in regulations that will make their workplaces healthy and safe.

 Government of Alberta page: OHS Regulations Consultation