Membership Card Application

    A replacement card should be issued to you if: (1) You’ve misplaced your card; (2) Your name has legally changed; or (3) You’ve changed bargaining units (i.e. previously Edmonton Public Library, now City of Edmonton).
  • Your Shop Steward or Mailout Representative is usually the person who receives and distributes Union mail in your area. If unknown, leave blank.
    Consent to the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information: By clicking this checkbox, I agree that Civic Service Union 52 may collect, use and disclose personal information insofar as such information relates to the obtaining, managing and maintaining of my employment within the contractual unit represented by CSU 52 and insofar as it relates to the administration of the collective agreement, to collective bargaining and to the administration of CSU 52.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
I hereby make application for membership in Civic Service Union 52, and agree to abide by its Constitution & Bylaws.
  • I do most solemnly declare that I will, to the best of my ability, support and obey the Constitution & Bylaws of this Union and any rules, regulations, policies, practices, lawful orders and decisions adopted by this Union.
  • I will assist my fellow Members and I will not purposely or knowingly wrong a Member of this Union.
  • I will not support, organize or assist in the withdrawal of Members from this Union.
  • I will not engage in any conduct prejudicial to the good order and welfare of this Union.
  • Should I breach this Oath, I shall be deemed to have forfeited all rights of membership in the Union.
  • To all this, I pledge my word and honour to observe and keep this Oath as long as I remain a Member of this Union.

PDF Version

Alternatively, you may submit a written Membership Card Application. Click on the below link for the PDF Version to print. ‘Membership Card Application’

Advantages of a Union Card

  • You may vote in Union elections: – President and other Board of Director positions – Negotiations Committee – Collective Agreement – Special elections; for example, on proposed changes to benefits
  • You may attend Union meetings
  • You may take part in social functions (eg. Kids’ Christmas Party, Spring Banquet)
  • You may qualify for education reimbursements
  • Your children/dependant(s) may qualify for Student Bursaries

New Member Handbook

Click on the below link for the PDF Version of the New Member Handbook. ‘New Member Handbook’ CSU-52-Member-Handbook-2019