LAPP/Union Update – July 2014

Since we are at the end of July and have no General Membership Meetings scheduled for July or August,
I thought it would be important to update you, the Membership, on a number of issues and if possible
get your feedback on a couple of the issues.

LAPP Issue – When we last reported to you, the Alberta Government had stopped proceeding on Bills 9 and 10 and had formed an All Parties Committee to travel the province and hold public hearings into the pension issue. This clearly indicates that all of the pressure (phone calls, e‐mails, letters, and M.L.A. visits) that you and the Coalition of Labour Unions on Pensions exerted has had a sobering effect on the Government and their plans for pension reform. The All Parties Committee on Pension Reform is and will continue to accept written submissions from the public on pension reform until August 15, 2014. It is still imperative that we continue to pressure the Government on this issue by submitting as many written submissions as possible before the deadline, outlining your concerns about the proposed reforms. A link to do this will also be provided on CSU 52’s website along with an address in this memo. Write to “Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future”.

Make your submission personal, tell the members of the committee how these changes will affect you
and the people around you. They need to know how these proposed changes will have an impact on
individual people. Please continue to express your concerns and wishes to the committee and more
importantly to your M.L.A.

Executive Board, Bylaws and Website Restructuring – The new CSU 52 website work continues. We hope to have it totally up and running by the end of summer. There has been a great deal of work needed in order to transition from the old website to the new one. We anticipate the new website will be more informative and much more user friendly.

The Executive Board and Bylaws proposed changes are a bit complicated at this time as both our legal
counsel and auditory firms feel that we still need to align the Benevolent Bylaws with the CSU 52 governance position. At this time, I have been unable to get all parties together in order to discuss what the legal and taxation issues are and what is needed on both these issues before we can solely proceed. I will update you on this before the end of August.

The City of Edmonton – A couple of meetings were held in July and the next dates are scheduled for late August. With council in recess for most of the summer months, we do not anticipate much movement until mid‐September.

Edmonton Public Library – We have met with the Employer, exchanged proposals and have begun the exploration of non‐monetary issues. Dates have been set for late July and then in September.

TELUS World of Science Edmonton – The negotiating committee is finalizing proposals and expects to be at the table by mid‐September to exchange proposals and begin the bargaining process.

EPCOR – Currently due to summer vacation schedules for both bargaining teams, negotiations are on hold until early September. When negotiations resume with EPCOR, there will be a change at the table as we will go forward without a facilitator. We expect to get into monetary items shortly after negotiations resume.

A general comment for all CSU 52 Units (excluding Capital Power members) whose contractual
agreement does not expire until the end of 2014, is that all of your negotiating teams are well aware of the changing contractual landscape as evidenced by the City of Calgary, Enmax, AUPE and many other
smaller settlements in the last couple of months in this province. They continue to monitor these
changes and are up to date as to comparable settlements. It should also be noted that our bargaining
teams continue to respect and honour the principles of the Workplace Relationship Agreement during
the negotiating process. On behalf of our Membership, I would like to thank the negotiating teams for all their hard work and effort that they have put into the negotiations to this point.

In conclusion, a reminder to Shop Stewards to please be aware and knowledgeable about your
contractual agreement. When answering member questions, if you are unsure about a Clause or
interpretation of a Clause, please refer the member to the Union office. Often timelines apply to certain issues so it is extremely important that issues come to our Business Agents before the timeline expires.

To our individual members, please make yourself knowledgeable regarding the contract that governs
your employment, your rights and interests in the workplace. Remember, if in doubt, call your Union
office. That is why we are here, to represent and protect your interests.

I would like to end by saying be safe and enjoy the rest of summer.