Health Spending Account (HSA) Eligible Expenses

At the beginning of each calendar year, all eligible employees in our contractual bargaining units receive a credit into their Health Spending Account (HSA).

The Union receives many questions about what kinds of items can be claimed through the HSA, and we are providing the following links to the websites where you can search to see what items are covered.

Health Spending Account – Eligible Expenses

You can claim any item or service allowed under the Income Tax Act of Canada as a medical expense.

CRA’s ‘Eligible medical expenses you can claim on your return’

For example, your HSA is available for unpaid balances or expenses not covered under your other benefit plans. You can claim vision care expenses, prescription drug expenses, dental, benefit premiums, etc.

You can also claim payments to qualified medical practitioners.

 CRA’s ‘Authorized medical practitioners by province or territory for the purposes of claiming medical expenses’