Gift Requests for Members

CSU 52 will arrange to send out one of the following:

  • Floral arrangement
  • Fruit basket
  • $35 gift card for participating stores of the Sobeys Group
  • $35 donation to a charitable organization

For any of the these occurrences:

  • New Baby (Birth or Adoption) for the following individuals:
    CSU 52 Member or Spouse / Partner
  • Illness or injury for the following individual:
    CSU 52 Member who has been absent from work for more than a 2-week period due to illness, injury, or hospitalization after a major surgery.
  • Death of one of the following:
    CSU 52 Member’s Spouse / Partner
    CSU 52 Member’s Parents
    CSU 52 Member’s Children
    CSU 52 Member’s Siblings (Brother or Sister)
    CSU 52 Member’s Mother- or Father-in-law
    CSU 52 Member’s Grandparents
    CSU 52 Member, sympathy gift can be sent to the Member’s family

Please call the Union Office at 780-448-8900 or email for requests. We require an address and phone number for any deliveries of floral arrangements and fruit baskets; additional information may be needed for a charitable donation.