GEA Core Team

July 7, 2020

Did you know…

CSU 52 is a member organization of the Greater Edmonton Alliance (GEA).

GEA is everyday people taking action together for the common good.

As a member, we are part of the diverse voices of our community building relationships across religion, race, class, and neighbourhood lines.

We come together to build and exercise “power with” to make the positive changes we want to see in our region.

Join the CSU 52 Core Team!

What is a Core Team?

Every GEA member organization should have a Core Team responsible for the organizing work. This team should be comprised of approximately 5-25 people, depending upon the size of the membership.

The mission of the Core Team is to represent the interests of the Union inside of GEA and to convey GEA actions through to the membership.

Who should be on the Core Team?

The Core Team should be comprised of Union members from every corner of the membership. Ideally, there will be representatives of each bargaining unit. Each member of the Core Team should commit to building a following through the organizing work.

What do Core Team members do?

  • Meet on an ad-hoc basis
  • Initiate individual meetings with other members
  • Host casual meetings with groups
  • Recruit turnout for organizational events
  • Participate on issue teams of GEA
  • Keep members informed
  • Attend community organizing trainings
  • Initiate relationships with leaders throughout GEA

Agenda for the First Core Team Meeting

  • Brief overview of what to expect as a Core Team member
  • What Issue Teams are currently active and review of action plans
    • Quality Jobs Action Team
    • Mental Health Action Team
    • Community Building and Member Engagement Team

First Core Team Meeting

To be announced…
Location: CSU 52 Office


Brandi Thorne
Member Engager/Union Organizer