Good Evening, as you may be aware CUPE Local 30 has withdrawn from The Coalition of Civic Unions. The Coalition was notified by email and no substantive reasons given for the withdrawal other than a reference to a budgetary issue and a comment that their affiliates had not addressed their issues nor met their needs. Subsequently a meeting between the Coalition Presidents, Mike Scott and Rick Ewasko of CUPE Local 30 didn’t do much to clarify the problem. I have instructed CSU 52’s Labour Relations Officers to continue working with CUPE Local 30’s Business Agents on common issues and to continue to work together on common committees.

The Coalition continues to be strong and committed to working together for the benefit of all of our memberships. The Coalition has significant concerns regarding a number of City Initiatives and policies. The WRA is built around the concept of communication and the concept of working together to solve problems in a mutual manner. The commitment at the highest levels in the organization seems to be there but the process of filtering that commitment down through the organization seems to have been lost.

The Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions met with our Southern counterparts from Calgary on March 9th and 10th to discuss and coordinate on a number of issues. Upcoming contractual negotiations were discussed and particularly the subject of LAPP was a major item on the agenda. It appears that the current government much like the previous government is hesitant to move governance of the plan over to the Stakeholders, the employers and the unions. The North South Coalition along with The LAPP pension Coalition continue to work hard at lobbying this Government and its MLA’s on some forms of governance change. It continues to be extremely important that changes be made before this governments mandate expires. Please call, email or visit your MLA and express your concern regarding the security of your pension.

Thank You.