Vacant Contractual Unit Director, City of Edmonton

Posted February 26, 2021
Updated March 17, 2021

An election for the vacant Contractual Unit Director, City of Edmonton position was not required. Pierre Blanchette was the sole nominee and will officially be sworn in at the April 6, 2021 General Membership Meeting.

The CSU 52 Board of Directors position of Contractual Unit Director, City of Edmonton has recently become vacant. As per the Union’s Constitution, a Special Meeting is being called to elect a member to fill the vacant position, which currently has 10 months remaining in its two-month term (expires December 2021).

‘Position Description – Contractual Unit Directors’

The election, if required, will take place during the meeting using the Zoom poll function – only City of Edmonton members attending through a Zoom app (desktop/laptop or tablet/smartphone) will be able to vote. Zoom poll will not work for attendees joining via telephone audio only. Please register at the below link to be able to attend and cast your online vote.

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City of Edmonton members only:

Friday, March 12, 2021
5:30 pm Start
Online thru Zoom

The nominators and nominees must be current members of the City of Edmonton bargaining unit.

The nominee must have:

  • Shop Steward and/or Committee experience
  • attended a minimum of any six (6) meetings of the below previously held Union meetings ([V] = held virtually/online):
    1. [V] Feb 16, 2021 – Shop Steward Training Meeting/Assembly
    2. [V] Jan 12, 2021 – General Membership Meeting
    3. [V] Dec 1, 2020 – General Membership Meeting
    4. [V] Nov 17, 2020 – Shop Steward Training Meeting/Assembly
    5. [V] Oct 6, 2020 – General Membership Meeting
    6. [V] Sep 15, 2020 – Shop Steward Training Meeting/Assembly
    7. [V] July 23, 2020 – City of Edmonton Unit Meeting / MOA Info Session
    8. [V] June 23, 2020 – General Membership Meeting (the deferred April 2020 General Meeting was called/adjourned this same day prior to the June General Meeting – attendees were marked as having ‘attended two (2) meetings’)
    9. [V] May 19, 2020 – Shop Steward Training Meeting/Assembly (due to an error in attendance taking, all active Shop Stewards at that time were marked as ‘attended’ regardless of actual attendance)
    10. Feb 18, 2020 – Shop Steward Training Meeting/Assembly
    11. Dec 3, 2019 – General Membership Meeting
    12. Nov 21, 2019 – City of Edmonton Unit Meeting
    13. Nov 19, 2019 – Shop Steward Training Meeting/Assembly

Eligible Members

City of Edmonton members who meet the above nominee criteria:

  • Adams, Chantelle
  • Adams, Leigh
  • Anderson, Esther
  • Anderson, Rosa
  • Blanchette, Pierre
  • Brandvold, Shauna-Lee
  • Brent, Samantha
  • Chebli, Fadia
  • Cutting, Jared
  • Demyen, Donna
  • Desharnais, Daniel
  • Dong, Junling (Amy)
  • Fata, Tony
  • Franco, Sheldon
  • Gaunt, Barb
  • Gee, Regan
  • Giesler, Sandi
  • Goth, Michael
  • Hayles, Lorna
  • Jans, Brent
  • Kamal, Saquiah
  • Ketler, Debbie
  • Ketler, Patricia
  • Lacoursiere, Kristin
  • Letawsky, Lori
  • Luo, Feng
  • Ma, Sandra
  • McDonnell, Stephanie
  • Novak, Greg
  • Owen, Tzu-Ling (Donna)
  • Payment, Cheryl
  • Relling, Leah
  • Sharif, Akmal Muhammad
  • Skarsen, Maureen
  • Taylor, Deb
  • Thomas, Celene
  • Woodham, Darlene

Nomination Deadline

Please ensure a minimum of three (3) nominators submit separate online nominations for one member (the “nominee”) before 4:30 5:30 p.m. on Friday, March 12, 2021.

The nominee will be asked during the March 12 Special Meeting if he/she accepts nomination to be a candidate.

If the nominee cannot attend the Special Meeting, he/she may accept nomination via email to prior to 4:30 5:30 p.m. on Friday, March 12, 2021.

The “2021 Nomination Form: City Unit Director” is no longer available.

Current Nominations

Last updated: March 12, 2021, 10:00 am

Blanchette, Pierre
Accepted nomination? Pending
1) Hutseal, Jolene
2) Fung, Vincent
3) Woodham, Darlene
4) Foran, Tracy