City of Edmonton Bargaining Update (November 13 2014)

Your Negotiations committee is issuing this update on the status of negotiations and to advise you of the next step in the process.

Your committee has met with the City of Edmonton on both October 30th and November 6th for 2 one half days of bargaining. At this time the City of Edmonton and the Union are apart on what would be an acceptable settlement. The Union is making application for mediation.

In Alberta, one or both of the parties can apply to the Government of Alberta for the services of a mediator to assist the parties in reaching a settlement. It is also a required step if the Union wishes to take a strike vote.

It is our hope that with the assistance of a mediator we will be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement that is acceptable to you, the membership. We also need to begin to prepare for the possibility that this may not be possible without the added pressure of receiving a strike mandate from the membership.

As you are aware, CUPE Local 30 has applied for mediation and will be meeting with their mediator November 24 and 25, 2014. For us at the City of Edmonton Unit, this has been a difficult round of bargaining and we have seen very little movement on both non-monetary and monetary issues.

As a result, we are holding a meeting with all of our members where we are in negotiations, priorities and the next steps. Only with your attendance can you provide us with the necessary guidance and support to assist us in striving to arrive at a reasonable and fair settlement. This very important meeting will be held at the Edmonton Room at the Stanley A. Milner Library, # 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

Thank you and see you at the information session.

Your Negotiating Committee:
Pierre Blanchette, City of Edmonton Representative
Kim Woolgar
Martin Phillips
Gary Iskiw
Amber Andersen, CSU 52 Business Agent

City of Edmonton Bargaining Update (Nov 13 2014)