Seeking City Members for Negotiations

Posted November 10, 2020

CSU 52 is recruiting Negotiations Committee Members for the City of Edmonton Collective Agreement negotiations.

The successful applicants will be active (dues paying) CSU 52 Members who are confident in their ability to articulate the interests and aspirations of employees in their work area and other member work areas. Committee Members will be inclusive, welcoming and attentive in their support of a wide number of City employees who will contribute to the bargaining process.

Building the Process

Committee Members will:

  • Engage the City of Edmonton Membership in bargaining, work to identify issues and opportunities for collaborative action, and ensure the relevance of all proposals for bargaining;
  • Be responsible to attend all meetings associated with the bargaining process and fully contribute to research and communication tasks;
  • Commit to building a supportive team where individual skills are recognized and utilized.

Joe Childs (Director of Labour Relations, CSU 52) will act as Chief Negotiator and be responsible for the Committee.

Application Deadline

Interested CSU 52 / City of Edmonton Members must submit an email to detailing their interest in being a member of the Negotiations Committee. All interested Members will meet with Joe Childs, Leo Derkach (City of Edmonton Contractual Unit Director, CSU 52) and Lanny Chudyk (President, CSU 52) for an interview prior to standing for election, if necessary, to the Negotiations Committee.

Submit your interest by November 30, 2020