Why should I be an Active (card carrying) Member?

Active Membership in CSU 52 enables us to provide members with communications updates, and empowers members to be involved in the direction setting and governance of the Union. As an Active Member you can set your communications interests, participate in
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When are Union meetings held?

Updated April 16, 2019 General Membership Meetings General Membership Meetings are open to all CSU 52 Members. They provide an opportunity for CSU 52 to update members on the business of the Union and its bargaining units, as well as any special
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Why should I pay Union dues?

Updated January 11, 2018 If the union cost nothing, it probably would not be worth anything. In some unions, there are no dues. The employer takes care of running the expenses of the union; sometimes it even supplies recreational facilities.
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Gift Requests for Members

CSU 52 will arrange to send out one of the following: floral arrangement fruit basket Sobeys Group gift card $35 donation to a charitable organization For any of the these occurences: New Baby (Birth or Adoption) for the following individuals: CSU
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What is the Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions (CECU)?

The Coalition of Edmonton of Civic Unions (CECU) consists of five (5) unions: ATU 569 – Amalgamated Transit Union Local 569 CSU 52 – Civic Service Union 52 EFFU 209 – Edmonton Fire Fighters’ Union Local 209 IBEW 1007 – International Brotherhood
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Health Spending Account (HSA) Eligible Expenses

At the beginning of each calendar year, all eligible employees in our contractual bargaining units receive a credit into their Health Spending Account (HSA). The Union receives many questions about what kinds of items can be claimed through the HSA,
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Society of Retired City of Edmonton Employees

Updated May 30, 2017 The Society of Retired City of Edmonton Employees Social Club is a casual group of retirees, including members from all City of Edmonton departments (Management, all unions and out-of-scope). Membership in the Society is free. CSU
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ARTA Retirement Benefits

In 2019, CSU 52 partnered with the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA) to offer the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan to eligible retirees. The plan includes health and dental benefits and coverage is guaranteed regardless of your health or previous medical conditions.
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CSU 52 Promotional Items

If you are interested in purchasing items with the CSU 52 logo, please contact our Financial Administrator Doreen Gates at 780-448-8908 or doreen.gates@csu52.org to inquire about pricing on available items.

Glossary of Labour Terms

Click here for the Glossary of Labour Terms, from the CSU 52 Shop Steward Manual

Did you know that…

Seniority is the entire time spent, without a break in service, in CSU 52 jobs. It never changes. No matter where you move in the bargaining unit, your seniority stays with you. As a Unionized employee, you cannot sue the
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