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President's Message

Posted on 6/1/2021
I’m sure everyone is aware of the provincial government's relaxing of Covid rules beginning today and then again with further relaxing of lockdown procedures on June 10th.

President's Message

Posted on 5/17/2021
I would like to update our members on a number issues, including brief updates on bargaining in all units.

President's Message

Posted on 5/6/2021
Once again, we move into a period of tighter restrictions. If you're in need of help or advice, please contact us.

Negotiations Updates

Negotiations Committee

  • Teresa Doblanko

    Contractual Unit Director, EPCOR

  • Greg Derkach


  • Cathy Williams


  • Joe Childs

    Chief Negotiator / Director of Labour Relations

  • Richard Colwell

    Labour Relations Officer