President's Message to City Members


Re: Compressed Hours of Work / 40 Hours

Good day,

CSU 52 and the City of Edmonton continue in negotiations to mitigate the impact of the City exercising their right under the Collective Agreement, to move staff working 33.75 hours a week to 40 hours and cancelling of the EDO.

The negotiations to create a Letter of Understanding have been ongoing and both parties understand each other’s interests. Deputy City Manager Kim Armstrong has accurately described the City’s offer and CSU 52 agrees that it includes the basics of a deal. However, the devil is in the details, CSU 52 is looking for language that provides some guarantees to the membership about compressed work and weekly hours on a go-forward basis.

We last met on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 and made some progress. Further meetings are scheduled today (September 3). The Union and City acknowledge the process might appear to have been drawn out, however, both parties are desirous of creating a LOU that meets each other's interests. CSU 52 hopes to present the membership with a LOU in the near future.

We will update the membership as soon as we have something concrete to report.

In solidarity,
Lanny Chudyk