President's Message

President's Report from the 2/16/2023 Board of Directors Meeting

Good day,

In regard to the Bill 32 complaint filed by CSU 52 Member Nathaniel Voss, the Alberta Labour Relations Board is now reviewing all written submissions from all parties. Once the review of written submissions is done, the Board can either render a decision at that time or schedule in-person hearings if they feel the need to do so. I guess we are now at the stage of be patient and wait.

It appears that we are going to proceed to in person meetings in regard to the CSU 52/CUPE LOCAL 30 application for position at Fort Edmonton Park as it appears the City of Edmonton is not prepared to resolve the issue outside of a Labour Board ruling.

The Jurisdiction review at the City of Edmonton continues, albeit at a snail’s pace, but it is proceeding. We have finalized the jurisdiction review and signed off at EPS and are now working on the process of bringing those recognized positions back into the Union. We have concluded most of the reviews in the City of Edmonton’s Communications and Employee Services Departments, recognizing that there are still a few positions in each Department that are outstanding and may need to be resolved by the Labour Board. Dates have been scheduled for work to proceed in the other City Departments which we hope to conclude by mid-year. It is my intention to begin a serious review of positions at our EPCOR bargaining unit once we have concluded the review at the City of Edmonton.

The Human Rights complaint that CSU 52 and the City of Edmonton have been involved in regarding an issue arising out of the Intellectual Disabilities LOU appears to be moving to a full-blown Tribunal Hearing this July. I will update as more info becomes available.

I have been meeting with Councillors and had a short discussion with Mayor Sohi in regard to OP 12, the operating budget motion on finding $15 million per year savings over the budget cycle. I expressed my concern as to where senior management would be looking to realize those savings.

I have reached out to legal counsel in regard to what the process would involve to create a separate bargaining unit at Edmonton Police Services. I will be setting up a meeting with Chief McFee to discuss before reaching out to the City.

Just a note that EPCOR will be transitioning from Stuart Lee as CEO to John Elford towards the beginning of June of this year as it is my understanding that Stuart is retiring.

Thank you,
Lanny Chudyk