CSU 52 Dues & Bill 32

Posted 9/12/2022
Updated 9/16/2022

As a result of amendments to the Labour Relations Code, CSU 52 is now required to distinguish between its “core” and “non-core” expenditures. As a result of these amendments, CSU 52 has chosen to cease its non-core expenditures effective August 1, 2022. Thus, 100% of the dues each member pays will be used for core expenditures and 100% of the dues CSU 52 receives will be spent on core expenditures. Members will not be paying dues for non-core expenditures.

Non-core activities

Under Alberta’s labour relations legislation non-core activities are political activities and other causes including:

  • Social causes
  • Charities
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Organizations supportive of a political party

Regulations clarify that non-core activities are to be those activities that do not directly benefit dues payers in the workplace.

Core activities

Core activities are activities under Alberta’s labour relations legislation and include activities related to collective bargaining and representing union members. Regulations clarify that core activities are to be activities that directly benefit union members in the workplace. Core activities include:

  • Collectively advancing and advocating for workplace goals, including creating public awareness and lobbying
  • Participating in legal proceedings
  • Complying with requirements under the law
  • Supporting or representing union members in proceedings, investigations or hearings related to their employment
  • Educating and training union members
  • Providing benefits, establishing funds and offering money to union members in relation to their employment
  • Negotiating and administering collective agreements to which the trade union is a party
  • Engaging in activities that relate to the operation and governance of the trade union, including:
    • Developing and maintaining the trade union’s bylaws and constitution
    • Administration of the trade union
    • Recruiting new members in preparation for certification of the trade union under labour relations legislation
    • Educating and training the union’s staff 5. operating hiring halls and other means of assigning work

Core dues are the union dues, assessments or initiation fees that fund core activities.