Partners & Associations

Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions

The Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions (CECU) consists of five unions, representing more than 10,000 members:

The CECU came together in October 1993. The union leaders of the time saw coming together not only as a way to push back on a City budget that called for deep service cuts, but as a way to strengthen all the civic unions by standing together as unions with common interests and demanding fair treatment for all civic employees.

As the CECU matured, the union leaders recognized the need to have a dedicated staff member who could carry out the day to day work of the Coalition. In 1996, to facilitate the growing workload, a full-time Liaison Representative was hired (currently Liam Peuramaki). This position reports to each local President on a regular basis and carries out the routine operations of the organization.

In 1998, each Coalition President, along with the General Managers from each civic department and the City Manager, signed the Working Relationship Agreement to help foster a collaborative relationship for the benefit of all involved. This document has since been re-signed in 2000, 2002 and 2011.

The Coalition endeavours to gather/share information, coordinate action, and promote strong relationships between civic unions and other labour organizations that complement our goals. The Coalition provides a forum for the discussion of issues, exploration of values and interests, resolution of differences and the formation of strategies and action plans providing for a common approach to collective bargaining, public policy making, and by building constructive relationships with the employer based on shared working relationship interests.


Liam Peuramaki
CECU Liaison Representative
[email protected]
(780) 448-8981