2018 Photo Contest Winners

Updated November 2, 2018

CSU 52’s History Committee has selected the three winning photos to their 2018 Photo Contest.

Congratulations to Lino, Angie and Brendan!

And thank you to all participants who submitted their photos for entry – the Committee was faced with some tough decisions when choosing the top photos!

1st Place Winner ($125 prize): Lino Dixon, City of Edmonton

“Accidental Beach Family Fun – 100% Commitment”

2nd Place Winner ($75 prize): Angie Roos, Edmonton Public Library

“Here is a photo of me hard at work at Woodcroft Library. I like to be active and take advantage of my health benefits (like massage and chiropractic) so I can do stuff like this!”

3rd Place Winner ($50 prize): Brendan Bolstad, City of Edmonton

“The bunny suit photo is work PPE for when we have to inspect the interior of buildings and we’re worried about pests, chemicals or other hazards. Thanks for putting on the photo contest, it’s fun to see people across the union at work in their various roles.”

 ‘2018 Photo Contest’