President’s Report | October 3, 2017

Posted October 5, 2017

Welcome back from what, for the most part, has been a great summer. I hope everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful weather. Now to get back to business. As we are all probably aware, a violent incident occurred last Saturday evening near Commonwealth Stadium, and then later on Jasper Avenue. CSU 52 would like to express our sympathy to those that were injured, and also our thanks to the EPS officers for their actions that ended the incident. I have been assured that all precautions that can be taken, are being taken to protect the citizens and visitors to Edmonton, and to ensure our safety in our workplaces. We need to remember that the main goal of terrorists is to create a sense of fear and panic in our everyday lives. It is also their goal to drive a wedge between communities that have different faiths and beliefs. They only win if they are successful. We need to remain calm, strong and supportive of each other.

Moving along to other Union business, I am sure most of us are aware that The City of Edmonton Drainage Utility was transferred over to EPCOR on September 1st, 2017. While a transition agreement had been negotiated between EPCOR and CSU 52, it did not cover all issues that arose from the transfer. At this time CSU 52 and EPCOR continue to mutually work towards resolving any outstanding issues.

On another note, we currently are well into the 2017 Civic Election cycle. The Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions has released a list of candidates that we have interviewed and endorsed. It is very important to take part in the election. The make-up of council is extremely important to us as employees of EPCOR, The City of Edmonton, Edmonton Public Library, particularly as council has oversight of these bargaining units. It is vital that we do all we can to elect labour friendly candidates to council. PLEASE take the time to VOTE, and if possible to call the candidate in your ward to volunteer to help in any way you can.

While labour relations with EPCOR, The Edmonton Public Library, Capital Power and TELUS World of Science are generally good, we have significant issues in the City of Edmonton unit. These issues have resulted in a significant number of grievances being filed, and quite possibly being advanced to arbitration. This is being done in order to protect our collective bargaining agreement. Without these actions and push back, the collective bargaining agreement is basically useless. Your Union is determined to protect our agreements, and for your hard fought for negotiated rights.
To wind up, I just wanted to mention that negotiations at TELUS World of Science are moving ahead and should be entering a very active stage shortly. We have also served notice on EPCOR that we are prepared to begin negotiations in that unit.

Thank you, and please note that our next General Membership Meeting will take place on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 at the Norwood Legion.


In solidarity,

Lanny Chudyk
Civic Service Union 52