If you are interested in purchasing items with the CSU 52 logo, please contact our Financial Administrator Doreen Gates at 780-448-8908 or doreen.gates@csu52.org to inquire about pricing on available items.

CSU 52 will arrange to send out one of the following:

  • floral arrangement
  • fruit basket
  • Sobeys Group gift card
  • $35 donation to a charitable organization

For any of the these occurences:

  • New Baby (Birth or Adoption) for the following individuals:
    CSU 52 Member or Spouse / Partner
  • Illness or injury for the following individual:
    CSU 52 Member who has been absent from work due to illness or injury after a two-week period, or hospitalized for major surgery.
  • Death of one of the following:
    CSU 52 Member’s Spouse / Partner
    CSU 52 Member’s Parents
    CSU 52 Member’s Children
    CSU 52 Member’s Siblings (Brother or Sister)
    CSU 52 Member’s Mother- or Father-in-law
    CSU 52 Member’s Grandparents
    CSU 52 Member, sympathy gift can be sent to the Member’s family

Please call the office at 780-448-8900 or email info@csu52.org for requests. We require an address and phone number for any deliveries of floral arrangements and fruit baskets; additional information may be needed for a donation.

If the Union cost nothing, it probably would not be worth anything.

In some Unions, there are no dues. The employer takes care of running the expenses of the Union; sometimes it even supplies recreational facilities. In these Unions, the employer also names the officers and Shop Stewards and settles the grievances. The employer sits on both sides of the bargaining table and the worker is in the middle getting squeezed and has no voice.

In legitimate Unions, the workers pay the cost. They know that they will get out of the Union what they put in. Union dues pay for a variety of services including: operating a local Union, costs associated with bargaining, hiring staff, legal services, sending members and the Executive Board to Conferences, Strike Funds, Insurance, Education and per capita portions to the Coalition. Not all Unions in Canada are part of a Coalition.

About one-third of all Canadian workers are represented by Unions. There are literally millions of people without protection and employers are able to use these workers to under cut hard-won and decent contracts. How much we get in wages and benefits depends on how strongly we are organized.

Your Union dues are calculated as follows (effective November 15, 2015):

0.006875 multiplied by your gross bi-weekly salary + $8.00 flat fee

Any member earning a gross bi-weekly salary less than $250 shall pay a maximum of $2.30 in union dues during that pay period.

Dues are not paid on any overtime worked.

Active Membership in CSU 52 enables us to provide members with communications updates, and empowers members to be involved in the direction setting and governance of the Union.

As an Active Member you can set your communications interests, participate in online polls, vote on issues that affect you as a member, including your Collective Agreement and the election of President and Executive Board members, and your Bargaining Committee. Active Membership also allows you to take advantage of eligible education bursaries for members and their children.

All employees within CSU 52 bargaining units are encouraged to become Active Members. There is no additional cost to become an Active Member. Please complete the online Membership Oath Card form to initiate Active Member status.

All employees within CSU 52 bargaining units are encouraged to become Active (card carrying) Members. There is no additional cost to become an Active Member. Please complete the online Membership Oath Card form to initiate Active Member status, or ask your Shop Steward for an Oath Card.

General Membership Meetings are held on various days (listed below) @ 5:30 p.m at the Norwood Legion, 11150 – 82 Street (one block northeast of the Stadium LRT Station).

These meetings are open to all CSU 52 Members. General Meetings provide an opportunity for CSU 52 to provide an update on the business of the Union and its bargaining units, as well as any special initiatives that are underway. It is also an opportunity for Active Members to bring questions and concerns to the floor. Meetings are generally 90 minutes in duration, dependent upon content and member involvement.

General Membership Meetings for 2016 are scheduled for:

January 12, 2016
April 5, 2016
June 7, 2016
October 4, 2016
December 6, 2016


Shop Steward Meetings are held on various days (listed below) @ 5:30 p.m at the Norwood Legion, 11150 – 82 Street (one block northeast of the Stadium LRT Station).

These meetings are open to all CSU 52 Shop Stewards. Meeting topics are educational based, relating to Union and Labour Relations matters. Meetings are intended to be interactive where possible, and will foster relationship building between Shop Stewards. If you are interested in becoming a Shop Steward for your area, please complete this form or contact the CSU 52 office.

Shop Steward Meetings  for 2016 are scheduled for:

January 19, 2016
February 2016 – AFL Training Sessions (weekend dates TBD)
March 15, 2016
May 17, 2016
October 18, 2016
November 15, 2016


Board of Directors Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the CSU 52 Office @ 5:30 p.m.

Board of Directors Meetings are open to Active Members to view, subject to confidential matters. Meetings are generally 3 hours in duration, and are subject to earlier start times. If you wish to attend a Board Directors Meeting, please contact the CSU 52 Office.

The Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions (C.E.C.U.) consists of six Unions who meet on a regular basis to discuss common issues of mutual interest:

Civic Service Union 52
Amalgamated Transit Union 569
Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 30
Edmonton Fire Fighters Union Local 209
United Food & Commercial Workers 401
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 1007

The C.E.C.U. came together in October 1993, and represents over 8,000 members. It was formed in response to the 1994 City budget which was calling for some particularly brutal service cuts which would have resulted in across-the-board layoffs affecting each Union. At that time there was also an issue of whether Union leaders could speak out without risking employer action. In 1996, the C.E.C.U. hired a full-time Liaison Representative who reports to each local President.

The Coalition endeavours to gather and share information and coordinate action. The Coalition promotes and maintains strong relationships between Civic Unions and other Unions or organizations that complement our goals. The Coalition provides a forum for the discussion of issues, exploration of values and interests, resolution of differences and the formation of strategies and action plans providing for a common approach to collective bargaining, public policy making, and by building constructive relationships with the employer based on shared working relationship interests.

At the beginning of each calendar year, in all of our contractual bargaining units, our eligible employees receive a credit into their Health Spending Account.

The Union receives many questions about what kinds of items can be claimed through the Health Spending Account, and we are providing the following links to the websites where you can search to see what items are covered.

Health Spending Account – Eligible Expenses

You can claim any item or service allowed under the Income Tax Act of Canada as a medical expense. Click here to be redirected to Canada Revenue Agency’s Eligible medical expenses you can claim on your return.

For example, your HSA is available for unpaid balances or expenses not covered under your other benefit plans. You can claim: vision care expenses, prescription drug expenses, dental, benefit premiums, etc.

You can also claim payments to qualified medical practitioners. Click here for Canada Revenue Agency’s Authorized medical practitioners by province or territory for the purposes of claiming medical expenses.


  • Seniority is the entire time spent, without a break in service, in CSU 52 jobs. It never changes. No matter where you move in the bargaining unit, your seniority stays with you.
  • As a Unionized employee, you cannot sue the employer or use a lawyer. You must pursue recourse through the Union where representation will be provided to you at no cost.
  • As a member of the Union you are automatically subject to the terms or your Collective Agreement. Do you know what your rights are? Do you know what rights you don’t have? Ask your Shop Steward for the most current copy of the Collective Agreement or visit the Find Resources page.
  • Unions fought to establish these benefits that we commonly take for granted?
    • Seniority
    • Job security
    • Representation
    • Grievance procedure
    • Promotional opportunities
    • Job classification
    • Health and safety programs
    • Relief periods / Coffee Breaks
    • Work standards
    • Uniform pay scales
    • Guaranteed wage increases
    • Call-in pay
    • Paid vacations
    • Paid absence allowance
    • Jury duty pay
    • Bereavement pay
    • Life insurance benefits
    • Sickness and accident benefits
    • Short-term disability benefits
    • Long-term disability benefits
    • Medicare protection
    • Supplement unemployment benefits
    • Prescription drug coverage
    • Dental programs
    • Health and safety committee
    • Time off for medical appointments
    • Flex time (earned day off)

Updated May 30, 2017

The Society of Retired City of Edmonton Employees Social Club is a casual group of retirees, including members from all City of Edmonton departments (Management, all unions and out-of-scope). Membership in the Society is free. CSU 52 has assisted us in the past few years with a financial donation which has been greatly appreciated. The Club has been in existence for more than 35 years organized for the purpose of socializing, dining, information sharing and fellowship. The members meet monthly for lunch (September to May; evening events planned for June and December). Their lunches may include guest speakers representing topics of general interest but are not agenda based meetings, except for the AGM held in March.

We invite you to join us in the monthly lunch (the fourth Friday of each month) at Chateau Nova, 13920 Yellowhead Trail. Lets continue to celebrate the heritage of the Retirees of the City of Edmonton!

The Society of Retired
City of Edmonton Employees
Social Club

invites you to join them in their monthly lunch
11:30 a.m. – every fourth Friday of the month (September to May)
@ Chateau Nova, 13920 Yellowhead Trail

Membership is Free

For more information, contact Dave Munro (President) at 780-458-0314.

A Social Club with Dining and Fellowship


Are you in need of member support? Do you know a member who may need support?

As part of its benevolent operations, CSU 52 provides financial assistance to members who come across difficult times. Please know that assistance is confidential and support is subject to a predetermined set of criteria.

To inquire about support, please contact the CSU 52 office at 780-448-8900 and ask for Member Support Services – a representative from the committee will contact you.