CSU 52 Elections 2017

Welcome to the Elections 2017 page. Updates on the CSU 52 Board of Directors Election will be posted here.

Updated September 12, 2017

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Nominations were accepted at the June 6, 2017 General Membership Meeting for one (1) Assistant Returning Officer and two (2) Union Scrutineers. The 2017 Election Officials are:

  • Kim Woolgar | Returning Officer (appointed by Assistant Returning Officer)
  • Greg Novak | Assistant Returning Officer
  • Sandi Giesler | Union Scrutineer
  • Darlene Woodham | Union Scrutineer


As per CSU 52 Bylaws Article 5.01 (a) (i), nominations of Board of Directors Members (except Chief Shop Steward) will take place at the October General Meeting.

General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, October 3, 2017
5:30 p.m.
CSU 52 Office, Large Boardroom
10212 – 112 Street NW

Enter through rear parking lot door


  • Any Active Member in good standing may nominate another Active Member in good standing for the Board of Directors.
  • The nominee must have attended a minimum of seven (7) of ten (10) of the General, Shop Steward and Contractual Unit meetings held preceding the nomination meeting. The meeting held for nominations and any Special Meetings are excluded for the purpose of determining qualification.
  • For Contractual Unit Directors, the nominator and the nominee must be a member of the Bargaining Unit in question.
  • A member accepting a nomination cannot hold the position of Union Scrutineer, Returning Officer or Assistant Returning Officer.

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  • First Vice-President, 2-Year Term | Incumbent: Pierre Blanchette (Second VP currently acting as First VP)
  • Treasurer, 2-Year Term | Incumbent: Leo Derkach
  • Contractual Unit Director (City of Edmonton), 2-Year Term | Incumbent: James Paull
  • Contractual Unit Director (TELUS World of Science – Edmonton), 2-Year Term | Incumbent: Bernadette Blakey

The Chief Shop Steward position will be elected for a 2-year term by the Shop Steward Assembly at the November 21, 2017 Shop Steward Meeting.


As per CSU 52 Bylaws Article 5.01 (a)(ii), the Membership will decide on an election date, which shall not be less than fourteen (14) days or more than twenty-four (24) days from the nominations (October 3, 2017).

Announcement of official Election Date to come after October 3, 2017.
Kim Woolgar, Returning Officer, has tentatively set an Election Date for October 24, 2017.


  • Election Debate Date and Location
  • Advance Poll Date | Location: CSU 52 Office
  • Roving Poll Locations on Election Date (tentatively October 24, 2017)

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